a script of some sort that I started and sputtered out on. I think I might adapt it as a group of short stories or a novel

I started this script last winter, sort of out of the blue, i've still got the big story of it running through my brain; but I'm starting to think I might adapt it as a novel as opposed to a video script, which was my initial fantasy, to make a web serial for discerning Superhero comic fans.

So yeah, this is a draft. I think it sets up things pretty well, but am aware of it's 1st draftiness. I have part of episode 2 done, and a lot of plotting. 

The Return Of The Blinking Fist 
_ A Modern Serial.

The Return Of The Blinking Fist 
_ A Modern_Serial.
…Episode 1

FADE TO: [scene 1]

An Aging (40-something) retired Vigilante is splayed out on his sofa…day dreaming of his glory days (with a joint hanging from his lips… )

Fantasy Sequence Cartoonized & Idealized yet recognizable younger version of the aging Vigilante (LEONARD SINGAPORE)  beating his “BLINKING FIST” Kung Fu into various “Henchmen”, all dressed in identical Cat costumes. 

(Obviously minions of one of “The Fist’s” most regular sparring opponents, “THE GINGER TABBY”… a Ginger haired and clad Lady Cat Burglar who specialized in Museum Heists of ridiculous complexity).

After Power Blinking a few of the “Tabby Kittens” into unconsciousness, THE FIST grabs a hold of GINGER’S Lasso/Tail gadget and twirls her into his arms and is about to whisper something into her ear when...


[scene 2]
(Leonard’s Inside Front Door )
there’s a knock at the door.

CAPE COPS flash their ubiquitous badges and barge past him into his foyer. Leonard mostly closes his inside door, to talk.

Are you The Blinking Fist? aka Leonard Singapore?

That was me, Nobody’s called me that in ten years. No fists, no blinking. okay, some fists, but more drinking, than blinking…  and um…oh, sorry…I was jut going to have a smoke outside….

 ( Leonard steps outside holding up his joint…. he relights it and offers spliff to each Cape Cop who both wave off the smoke with a rather neutral wave of the hand. Leonard shrugs, has another toke)

Listen what’s this about? Do you have a warrant? and um if so, why? I barely get off my sofa these days.

(Smokes in one last big inhale, holds it, then big exhales 
“away from the cops”. )

We actually do have a warrant Mr. Singapore… if that is your real name. For your arrest for unregistered Vigilante Activity and subsequent Delinquency of Vigilante Guild back dues, So you may as well assume the position now, my friend, and save us all some grief. Cop 2 over there is an android, so keep those fists from blinking unless you want to spend the rest of the day Tranq’d up like Lion Man after a bender…

COP 2 (under his breath)
I’m not a frigging Android,… 

LEONARD (finally butting out the now roach he was smoking)
But that’s impossible, I was here all night.  I’m pretty sure I’m GPS chipped, you can check the logs. I was here eating pizza and watching old Kung Fu DVDs. 

We know all that…but….  “you” ….were also GPS tracked to a warehouse in San Francisco where you “blink Punched” your old girlfriend “Betsy Bee” to death…  Live, mind you, on her Reality Web Stream. This all happened at the same time as you were watching pirated Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movies. You will be receiving an invoice from Hong Kong for the movies. But first, you need to watch this video…

(Cape Cop 2 hands over a tablet computer to Leonard who talks over the image buffering)
LEONARD (in a wee bit of shock as he knows none of this)
A Clone, maybe?….  Alternate Universe  me…maybe … Future me? Mind control?…
I wouldn’t, I mean she kind of  fucked me over at the end there, but no, jeez I hadn’t even thought of her in years. Jeez (crying a bit) She’s dead? and I did it? How…?  I can’t even blink up most days anymore. How could it be me! 

[scene 3]

Fade to Montage

V/O narration of  (How we got here montage of the past)

Video montage sequence/ Cape Cop 1 Voice : “Vigilante: Power level Gamma; Alpha (Very Strong Threat)… Status De-powered… Living on Union pension. Job: none: family: not in touch.
Present Location: Motel safe house, under Android Guard…. For his own protection.

Some history for the file  entry 1A1/Leonard 

12 years ago Leonard Singapore was the well known and thought of B-List Vigilante; known as “The Blinking Fist”. “The Fist” as he was known, by his friends and fans, was famous for his numerous Team-Ups with The Sky League…Many more times than any other Vigilante before or since his time (circa 1990-2002) … but Leonard never felt comfortable in the Vigilante Social scene,  all the socializing in costume seemed a bit obscene to him, but worse, embarrassing.  He wore the mask as a barrier to the embarrassment he felt being such a public figure… Or so he maintains. He was seemingly de-powered in battle with “Pi Man”, when one of Pi’s henchmen accidentally harpooned “The Fist” in the ear, causing him to lose some of his hearing and all but occasional smidgens of his former power. 

He fought on as a vigilante for another 18 months, but… his girlfriend Betsey Bee left him, just as she was elevated to active Sky League Status…..  and as ever The Fist was a bloodhound on finding trouble, but without that extra WHAM from his “Blinking Fist” , the crimes he was actually able to stop, perps he could handle became much less than his B List days of not so long ago. 
Then one day in 2002, he retired his Vigilante Status, and went from swinging billy clubs and dealing with wise cracking bounty hunters to playing Halo and eating Doritos all day in record time. He has done nothing to warrant the interest of any one anywhere including many good friends and a few distant family members. Kept to himself. Neighbours said… Famous Last words, Those.


FADE IN: [scene 4]
(Generic video streaming page)

Betsy Bee is using her aqua-shaping powers to hit Lady Hammer on the noggin with a steel hard baseball bat made of water. It splashes apart with huge forcing knocking Lady Hammer to the deck of Betsy Bee’s Malibu home 

(Pop up text Bubbles float across the video stating the League “stats” for each The Villain, and The Vigilante….The screen goes black and there’s a big red lettered “ALERT” flashing as a V/O is heard on the video stream… 

Ohmigod, He’s pummelled her to death with those shiny fists of light… … Glen!!!! do you have Cam! Glen!

It’s Live in five!
(whispers) 4…3…2...

(The feed rewinds to the end of the fight with Lady Hammer, then fast forwards so we see “the Blinking Fist”, (looking far more fit and in Heroic form, than the fat farmed fish watching the video), walking up to Betsy Bee, her eyes widen as The Fist raises his hand and just starts pummelling the woman with no mercy, stands up straight and flies off into the sky.)


FADE IN: [scene 5]

(LEONARD’S KITCHEN TABLE) Leonard sits across from Cop 1, Cop 2 stands impassively behind Cop 1. Cop 1 turns his laptop back to facing himself … The previous scene with Betsy’s death... having been on that screen)

(smiling, but sweaty)
See, see that can’t be ME! When did I ever fly? I’d remember being able to fly. Not me. Also, I was never “that built”, even in my salad days in the mid 90’s.

Yeah we know all that, but we still have to bring you in. Right? 
You understand that…. right? 
If it is a clone, or an “alternate Universe badass you” or “Future you” come back to kick your flabby Halo playing ass back into the game,… He/you/it, whatever…  killed somebody and left your fingerprints, your DNA. So in what alternate universe are you that guy on the video?  This is what I guess I’m asking you…Even if you don’t know, you can still help us, and You Will Help Us.

(smiles weakly, sarcastically)
Yeah yeah…. I will cooperate fully, I wish I could still Blink up reliably though. Fuck. I hope it isn’t “future me” … I was around when “Future HyperMan” moved this city to the moon “for it’s own safety”… Those Future guys are always assholes.

(pretty sarcastically)
yeah, “those guys”. 

Ok sure we’re always… pontificating hypocritical jerks to the “regular folk”….. But hey I didn’t set out to be a Vigilante, man…. 

it just happened…. I mean… You, for example,  probably always wanted to be a cop, right? Or have a good reason otherwise to do what it is you do… Of course you do. 

But a lot of us “super-types” can’t do anything else. You have laser beam breath, are you going to be an accountant or a nurse? Not likely. Will you dress up in bondage gear and beat on people with the blessing of law enforcement and adoration of the public, or use your abilities to kill, steal and otherwise do as you please?  Quite likely. Will that shit fuck you up as much or more so than anybody else doing whatever it is they do to survive.? Again. Yep. Like they all say: it wasn’t me, and I want a lawyer. Phone call? Pizza? Gimme something guys… You must know more than me. I am really not in the loop anymore. The last Vidge I spoke to was Wings Malone, last Christmas, we had a beer at that old Villains bar that’s now a Gay Villains bar, Whaddyacallit “The Aerie Faerie” ?

COP 2 (from behind Cop 1)
That place was always a Gay Villain bar.

Really?  hmmm… 
Well anyway he was mooning over some bartender and wanted to be close by in case “something happened”. As far as I know nothing did… I left him there and have only seen the “old gang” on the TV news or reality TV.

So you watched “Betsy Bee’s Honey Quest”?

No….  I tried to, sure, but it all seemed so lame, it made me sad to see her act so cynical and shallow, when I know she’s anything but…  I didn’t even know it was still on the air to be honest…. 


Episode 2


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